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DrismigueNeer posted: Tue, May 29, 2012 (4:43 AM)
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Ajay posted: Wed, Jul 11, 2012 (11:52 AM)
Every time you go to “Taxi Driver”, “Network” and “All the President’s men”movie boards, you hear peploe whining about Rocky winning Best Picture Award. And of course, Rocky is described as a cheap, pop corn, feel good movie, cliche9, old school, traditional, manipulative or only appealing to the mass audiences (as if it was a bad thing anyway). Now, I respect all the opinions, but trashing Rocky that way is kind of insulting for all the fans of the movie and Rocky is one of the very few American movies who appeal to so many peploe in all over the world like the Godfather. It appeals emotionnaly -but with true sincerity- and definitely not in an over-the-top way because those who really watched the movie know that the tone is quite sober and realistic. It's not the typical pop-corn movie. Of course, the 3 others nominees are masterpieces but can’t we love them AND ‘Rocky’ too?After reading some threads, I got the feeling that to prove you have a good taste in movies, you have to belong to some elite who appreciate only intellectually appealing movies, you know, with very a dark atmosphere, overnarration (a must) and a good social or political message behind it. I like Kubrick, but for me, ‘Back to the Future’ is 100 times better than ‘2001, a space odyssey’ and for some know-it-all about movies, it sounds like blasphemy. Now, let’s have a look at the other 1976 nominees: - ‘Taxi Driver’ is a great movie, beautifully acted. The troubled Travis Bickle will remain one of the most iconic characters of the 70’s, it’s the movie that mixes frustration with madness in a very chilling way. But for me, the most complete and achieved movie of Scorsese that would have deserved the ‘Best Picture’ is ‘Goodfellas’ in 1990. “Taxi driver” had the actor, the directing, but it was somewhat unsatisfying in the way the story went sometimes through the movie (the porn date, the brothel shooting, the 1st murder attempt) - “Network” is one of the most intelligent and accurate movies I’ve ever seen, it’s a movie with great acting from supporting characters and a fantastic combination between intelligence and absurdity, and the futuristic message the movie delivers still works by now. But here again, *spoilers*, the very last minute of the movie could have been so much better. It was shocking, but ending too abruptly such an intelligent story. - “All the President’s Men” is a gripping thriller , the dynamic grows faster and the duo is so credible and complementary that you got the feeling you’re part of the team. But again, when it started to be really exciting, it ended in avery anticlimactic way. The ending of a movie is very important, because it’s at this moment, you know, how you really feel about it. Think about the ending of ‘The Godfather’, ‘Goodfellas’, ‘Once upon a time in America’, ‘The Usual Suspects’, this WOW feeling. Basically, as much as I enjoyed these movies, it didn’t leave me with the same feeling than “Rocky” Now, why I believed Rocky deserved the “Best Picture Award”? First, consider the movie in the context of 1976, because I’m sure what makes peploe treat the movie with such disdain is the ‘Rocky’ series (not as good as the original from the 2nd one), and Stallone himself. (How can a ‘Stallone’ movie beat a ‘Scorsese/deNiro’ movie is beyond lot of peploe) - Rocky is a simple story with ordinary characters : no particular charisma but still capable to touches you deep in the heart, to make you feel empathy for them. Rocky’s friendship with Paulie, the growing father and son relationship with his manager, and one of the most famous romances in cinema’s history: Rocky and Adrian. There was a beautiful chemistry and sincere love between them. - It’s a story which gives the average viewer a character to identify with, (not the anti hero e0 la Travis Bickle whom we like but still, we don’t understand some of his acts), we have here an ordinary hero, who tries to give all he’s got to give, to prove that he’s not a nobody(ignoring it was just a show) - The movie is not cliche9 at all, if it was, he would have won the fight. He didn’t. He didn't care about losing. Most important, But he went the distance and that’s all the wanted. - It's a classic, with a great score, and unforgettable moments (the iconic steps, the training montage). It's entertaining from the beginning to the fabulous last 10 minutes of the film.Come on, it’s one of the greatest ending a movie ever had : the music, the whole confusion, the fact that he didn’t win and all he wanted is to see his girlfriend , the last‘I love you’ scene is so beautiful. Why someone should feel obliged to trash a movie just because there is some emotion and sentimentality? It’s so arrogant to label a movie ‘cheap’ or ‘feel good’ just because it doesn’t have the kind of ‘everything is crap’ message. 1976 was a great year for cinema, and I’m not saying “Rocky” is better than the other movies, nor am I trying t
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